I never liked him, but I was willing to give him a chance.  I hated his petty personal attacks, his lack of decorum, his objectification of women, his thin skinned, bully retorts, his fake news BS, and his constant lying, but I thought what the hell, Americans have sent dolts, drunks, philanderers, ne’er-do-wells and dim bulbs to Washington and the Country survived.  So what, if they send a clown, what could go wrong?  I reconciled my concern by mistakenly thinking there were guard rails, behind the scenes people in place, people that would keep things on track.  How much damage could one man do?  I must admit, I thought maybe a Washington shakeup was in order.  I knew in my heart of hearts he’d put himself and his financial interests first, but as long as that aligned with the best interest of America, I was willing to turn a blind eye.  After all, Dad always said, “Son, just remember they go to Washington poor and come back rich.”  

As soon as he was sworn on 1/20/17 and began to make his speech, I knew it was going to be a rough ride.  In just sixteen minutes he painted a dark, depressing picture of America.  Was he talking about the America I knew?  Unemployment was at 4.7%, down from a high of over 10%, less than eight years before.  It didn’t take long before the petty comments started up again.  I remember thinking to myself, this guy won, he’s president, what’s he bitching about?  Then he trots his new press secretary out to tell me about his inauguration crowd size, was he  kidding?  

Little did I know then, that moment would portend the next four years.   Almost immediately Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr., Eric, and all the other hangers on began to crawl out of the woodwork.  I thought to myself, so much for draining the swamp. 

Fast forward the next four years.  Chaos, 3 AM tweet storms, countless golf trips, thin skinned, petty spats, love letters to and from foreign dictators, and constant delusions of grandeur dominated.  Couple that with the constant stream of smoke from the Oval Office being blown up the collective asses of the American people sucked all the oxygen out of the atmosphere.  It was a slow motion train wreck, but I was constantly surprised how the economy continued to improve.  In spite of Trump the stock market learned quick not to pay any attention to what he said, just wait and see what he does.  The fact is, he did very little.  There were countless signature photo ops, so many I think they were produced and directed by the WWE.  Then there was the WALL, another feel good symbol, that actually produced just 15 miles of “new” barriers.  The hundreds of miles Trump crows about just replaced existing structure.  With Trump, we all found out early on, there’s a lot of crowing, a lot of self promotion, and a lot of self congratulation, but little substance.  That pretty much sums up the Trump administration.  When you pull back the curtain…well you know the rest.  

Having said all that, I expected Trump would be reelected.  In January 2020, if you had asked me, I would have told you he would skate to another victory.  What I didn’t consider was Trump’s uncanny ability to screw things up.  Trump has a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Some people can make chicken salad out of chicken shit, but Trump did the opposite, he made chicken shit out of chicken salad.  He squandered an opportunity to bring the Country together against this virus, a golden opportunity, handed to him on a silver platter, and he blew it.  Even the village idiot could see that coming.   Blame the fake news, voter fraud, dead people voting, blame whomever you want, but the bottom line is Trump beat himself. 

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