Metal Detectors, Really?

America has been through a lot, and now you’re asking me to get bent out of shape because some damn politician mugging for camera time, and a 60 second spot on a political talk show won’t go through a freakin metal detector?  Damn, give me a break.  Are you kidding me?  I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.  Do they expect me, and the rest of America, to believe that a majority vote in some state, any state, gives them some damn super power, and lifts them morally and ethically above their constituents?  Don’t preach to me about Washington’s political elitism, because that’s bullshit and we all know it.  Don’t tell me about voting for the outsider and bringing common sense back to Washington, because that’s about as nonsensical as you can get.  Hell, I was surprised to find out they didn’t have metal detectors there all along. Let me tell you about common sense.  Common sense makes me fasten my seatbelt.  Common sense made me quit smoking years ago.  Common sense keeps me from driving too fast.  Common sense makes me understand why my 70 year old ass has to go through an airport TSA line, and common sense allows me to understand why I should wear a mask in a pandemic.  So, when some piss ass politician looking for 15 minutes of fame pulls a bullshit stunt about something like a damn metal detector, this ole boy ain’t sipping their KoolAde.

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