Late At Night

Nights can be dark and unforgiving in rural North Carolina.  Darkness and deep woods are an ominous combination.  The trio seemed trapped in a strip of high grass between an old fence and a two-lane country road.   They had no choice but to follow that narrow path where ever it may lead.  Since their parents disappeared, life was a constant battle for these three, sleeping during the day, out of sight, and foraging for food under the cover of darkness. They had no idea where they had been or where they were going. All they knew was they were hungry.  This spot seems eerily familiar. Maybe they would find a scrap of food thrown from a passing car.  Suddenly a pair of headlights appeared in the distance.  Could this be their chance?  Could this be another uncaring driver tossing out a half-eaten biscuit?  An unspoken excitement drifted over them.  At the last minute, just as the car approached, overwhelmed with excitement, one of the wanderers jumped into the road in front of the speeding vehicle.  Only a thud was heard as a broken, lifeless body slid to the side of the road.  In horror, the others watched as the red taillights faded in the distance.  In a small, quiet voice, only they understood, one uttered, “Possum Killer” as the two moved on.

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